Child Care Video & Audio Archive.

Mrs Dockar-Drysdale’s Retirement Party – Cotswold Community

Barbara Dockar-Drysdale (affectionately known as Pip) had been the Consultant Psychotherapist at the Cotswold Community from 1968-90, so her retirement was a big deal. We held a garden party in the main square to mark the occasion and many people attended who had worked with her over the years. The video is like a time […]

From Donald Winnicott to the Naughty Step – Archive on 4

Anne Karpf | Archive on 4, BBC Radio 4. In this edition of BBC Radio 4’s Archive on Four, Anne Karpf examines Donald Winnicott’s legacy and argues that, today, Mother’s need him more than ever. From the Introduction… Seventy years ago the psychoanalyst and parenting expert Donald Winnicott first broadcast his idea of the ‘good-enough […]

George Lyward – BBC Radio 4 ‘Great Lives’

From the Introduction… Aged sixteen and struggling with his sexuality, Tom Robinson attempted to take his own life. Following a series of assessments and tests, he was interviewed for Finchden Manor, a therapeutic community which Robinson describes as the “last chance saloon.” Under the stewardship of George Lyward, Finchden Manor was an unconventional place that […]

Interview with Paul Van Heeswyk

In the mid-1990s we decided to make a second video of the work of the Cotswold Community, “The Recovery of Childhood“. By this time Paul Van Heeswyk was the Community’s Consultant Psychotherapist. In this clip of film, Paul explains the nature of therapeutic care and the complexities of helping children with attachment problems.

Interview with Barbara Dockar Drysdale

In the late 1980’s the Cotswold Community made a film about the therapeutic care and education we provided, A Healing Culture. Barbara Dockar-Drysdale was our Consultant Psychotherapist (although reaching the end of her working life) and in this excerpt she articulates the therapeutic practice and principles. I am not aware of any other film of […]